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You have reached one of Sweden's best club websites, with long and entertaining match reports and lots of statistics and reading about the local club FC Kabel Åttio from the city of Borås, situated about 70 kilometres east of Gothenburg. Unfortunately most articles and reports are in Swedish, but we will here give you an introduction to one of Sweden's most entertaining football clubs.

FC Kabel Åttio was founded in 1979. There are different opinions about which is the exact date. Some say the 12th of August, some say 12th of September and yet some say it was in spring times.
Whenever the club actually was founded there were youth players from another local club, namely Mariedals IK, who had the idea of starting a club of their own during a party trip to Gran Canaria from 26th of October to 3rd of November 1978. Mariedals IK is today internationally known through the annual hosting of the world's largest indoor youth tournament called Mariedal Cup. The new club was planned during the following year, and the first game was played in the spring of 1980.
The club name was first FC Kabel 80 IF, but was soon changed into FC Kabel Åttio. Why it's called FC Kabel Åttio is a well kept secret among the founders. But it's a fact that the letters FC means Party Club (the Swedish word for Party is 'Fest') and not Football Club. And 'Åttio' is the Swedish spelling of the number 80.
In the beginning FC Kabel Åttio competed in three different sports; football, floorball and bowling. The last 20 years, however, football has been the only sport on the agenda.
The club's home ground is called 'Ryda Sportfält' (' Ryda Sports Field') and is situated close to river Viskan in the northwest part of Borås. It's a community ground, which means that the pitch often is badly treated.

The club colour is brown and that has nothing at all to do with political reasons. The story behind the brown jerseys is as follows:
In 1979 two Board members got a very small sum of money to buy shirts and trousers for the club. They went to the sports equipment producer 'Sportjohan' in the small village Olsfors close to Borås. Very soon they found out that they had too little money to buy any modern clothes. But in the far corner of the shop they found an old, ugly and very cheep brown collection. They bought it, and ever since have FC Kabel Åttio played in brown jerseys.
You can look at several of our previous shirts on this webpage. Go to "Galleri & Arkiv" and click on "Matchställ".

The club's nickname is "The brown Brazilians of Borås". The club symbol is also something special. It includes an outdoor toilet door. As far as we know no other club in the world has anything like it.
Another special thing with the club is that all Board Members except one since 1980 has been active players in the club. We only recruit board members from our own teams. Another special thing we are proud over is that everyone works for free in the club; the manager, the trainers, the players and the board. The voluntary work keep us going. As a poor club we can't afford to pay any salaries.
From 1980 to 1985 the first team went up and down between division eight and seven. Since 1986 has FC Kabel Åttio - with one years exception - been playing in division six. In 2005 we finished on fifth place.
2008 became the year in which we finally qualified for division five after finishing on second place in division six. In the first of two qualifying games for division five we beat Jula BK 1-0 with a late goal and didn't even have to play the second qualifying game.

The club will have four teams in League competition in 2009. The first team ('A-laget'), the second team ('B-laget'), the 'old boys', Boys-35 team ('Vets') and the Ladies team ('De bruna bönorna' - The Brown Beans). We will also have a fifth team competing in short-term indoor tournaments, the Boys-19 youth team ('juniorerna').
We have big plans for the future. Our board's vision group made, in December 2002, a program that will take the club to UEFA Champions League by the season 2028/29. The vision states that FC Kabel Åttio by 2028 should have built an arena of our own with a capacity of 100 000 spectators. The arena will be situated on the grounds of the present 'Ryda Sportfält'. The river 'Viskan' should be naturally integrated in the construction and floating beneath one of the main sections. We will also have our own TV-company - 'Kabelvisionen' - and a big club house with a Spa. Now we only have a small dressing room and a storage room at Ryda Sportfält.
The club is famous all over Sweden because everything is done with a lot of humour and in a friendly way. FC Kabel Åttio is also known to be popular among referees and opponents.
One good example is our successes in Mariedal Cup - the worlds biggest youth tournament (19 year old boys) in indoor football. Our teams play only to entertain the audience, and we always bring a lot of supporters, mostly consisting of players from our other teams, to create a good atmosphere during the games with singing and other vocal exercises. Some none-vocal sounds may also be heard from time to time.
Among our supporters you'll find the two Swedish international players Pontus and Alexander Farnerud, now in French League club Strasbourg. The brothers are from another part of Sweden, but fell for FC Kabel Åttio when they saw the club in Mariedal cup.
As already told this website is in Swedish, but there are a lot of nice pictures to look at.

If you want to send us a letter, please don't hesitate:
The club's mailing address is:
FC Kabel Åttio
c/o Kjörnsberg
Saliviagången 4
507 52 BORÅS

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FC Kabel Åttio är en fotbollsförening från Borås med fokus på social samvaro.

Vårt damlag, Bruna bönor, ingår 2023 för första året i ett samarbete med både Byttorps IF och Bergdalens IK. Laget spelar i division fyra. Tyvärr har vi för tillfället inget A-lag för herrar i seriespel. Vi tvingades dra ur de Bruna brassarna ur sexan sommaren 2020. Under många år hade vi även haft ett Squadra B på herrsidan. Veteranlaget spelade fram till 2010 i en P35-serie men är tyvärr vilande i väntan på föryngring.

Föreningen är annars historiskt sett mest känd för de bruna dräkterna och för våra juniorers många uppvisningar i Mariedal Cup.
  • 19 juni, 19:00
  • Bruna Bönor - Hemsjö IF
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Johan Rydén

Julen är det bruna hoppets tid

Gräsplanerna på Ryda sportfält var närmast historiskt bra söndagen den 25 september 2016. Jag vet, för jag har haft Ryda som hemmaarena i drygt 30 år och vet hur planerna brukar se ut när det bara är...
Johan Rydén 2016-12-26
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    Måndag, Borås Arena 2 19.00-20.30
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    Tisdag, Byttorps IP 19.00-20.30
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    Torsdag, Byttorps IP 19.00-20.30
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